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Analysis: New York ranks 9th worst in sales tax study

New York finished 42nd in a study by the Tax Foundation examining which states have the most business-friendly sales tax structures.

Analysis: New York ranks 4th worst on property tax study

New York finished 47th in a new study by the Tax Foundation ranking of which states have the most business-friendly property tax structures.

Analysis: New York House members rank 12th most frugal on spending votes

Compared to other states, the U.S. House delegation from New York ranked 12th lowest in spending based on how they voted on key fiscal measures, according to a new analysis by the Coalition to Reduce Spending.

Analysis: California, New York, D.C. have most progressive income taxes

California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., ranked among the U.S. jurisdictions with the most progressive individual income tax systems, according to a recent Tax Foundation analysis.

Analysis: New York ranked 35th most affected by government shutdown

New York ranked No. 35 among the District of Columbia and the 50 states in a recent analysis by on how they were affected by the 35-day partial shutdown of the federal government.

Analysis: New York City ranks 1st among largest U.S. cities lacking funds to pay debts.

New York City ranks worst among the 75 largest cities in the United States for the handling of its finances, according to a Truth in Accounting (TIA) analysis of municipal data released this month.

New York ranked No. 48 in 2019 business climate index

New York finished at No. 48 among the 50 states in the Washington-based Tax Foundation’s analysis of how states’ tax systems affect their ability to attract and retain businesses.

SIMMONS HANLY CONROY: $60 Million To Be Paid To More Than 100 Victims Of Convicted Pedophile Douglas Perlitz

A settlement agreement has been reached to pay $60 million to more than 100 Haitian boys sexually assaulted by convicted pedophile Douglas Perlitz at the school he operated in Haiti, according to amended complaints filed today by Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian and New York City law firm Simmons Hanly Conroy.

Analysis: New York posts 9th highest drop in food stamps participants

New York ranked No. 9 among 49 states and U.S. territories that saw reductions in food stamps participation, according to the latest numbers compiled by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Analysis: New York posted 10th lowest sales tax burden per person in 2018

Among the 45 states that levy sales taxes, New York ranked No. 36 for its per-capita sales tax collections, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers.

New York posted 26th highest corporate income tax in 2018

Among the District of Columbia and the 44 states that levy corporate income taxes, New York ranked No. 26 for the top tax rate on business revenues, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers.

Analysis: New York posted 9th highest individual income tax rate in 2018

New York ranked No. 9 for its top individual income tax rate, according to a Tax Foundation analysis of 2018 tax numbers that tracked the District of Columbia and the 43 states that levy such taxes.

New York gets ‘F’ grade in analysis of states’ fiscal health

New York ranked No. 42 in a study of the state’s ability to pay all of its bills, including public employers’ pension benefits, according to a new ranking of the states’ fiscal health by Truth in Accounting (TIA).

New York gets score of 80 on financial transparency

New York earned above-average marks for its system of making annual budgetary data available to residents, according to a study by the Chicago-based policy institute Truth in Accounting (TIA).

AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION: ACLU Comment on Government Report Criticizing Trump Family Separations

An internal government report criticized the Trump administration’s implementation of the family separation policy, citing poor planning, lack of communication, and the Department of Homeland Security’s failure to “identify, track, and reunify families.”

MANHATTAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Chamber joins business leaders in calling for Gubernatorial veto of Paid Family Leave expansion

The Business Council of New York State, Inc., today joined with more than a dozen other employer groups in calling for a veto of the recently passed expansion of the Paid Family Leave (PFL) law to include bereavement leave.

MANHATTAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Manhattan Chamber Issues Statement on Proposed For-Hire Vehicle Cap

Statement from Jessica Walker, President and CEO, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, on For-Hire Vehicle Cap

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